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Working With Sellers

In the past, real estate was all about location. These days, it’s also about price, presentation and marketing. Buyers are looking to be “WOW”ed.

When I am working with Sellers, it is so important for me to help them prepare their home, prior to putting it on the market. Together as a team, we try to handle Buyer objections ahead of time. Quality photos and staging are no longer an option, they are a MUST! Over 92% of the buyers out there are doing their preliminary searching via the internet. If we do not have quality photos, we have lost them before they even enter the front door.  

We need to make your home appear to be the best value out there.  I prepare a very detailed market analysis, outlining our direct competition and looking at recent solds with similar amenities, just like an appraiser. Together we will test the market and get you the highest return on your investment without pricing you out of the competition.

When choosing a realtor in today’s market, select the best agent, not the price. A real estate agent has no control over the market, only the marketing plan.

When you list your property with me, I promise to provide you with first class real estate services and ensure that your experience is enjoyable.